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Video consultation, Tele EMR, Analytics & more!
AJS Cloud, California
UI/UX Designer
2019 (2 weeks)
Web, Tablet, Mobile

Used by AP Government during COVID-19


The RxTelecare product provides a product where patients call the hotline/toll free number to schedule an appointment with the doctor. The call routers such as nurses or receptionists will attend the call, get the details so that he could assign to the right doctor as per the emergency and availability.

The main objective for me was to create an “Admin panel” for the hospital management system. This is where all the hospital branches, nurses, doctors, staff, hospital rooms, payments, analytics and other settings are managed.


It is essential to get an overview of the product scope. For this, I got the requirements from the client on what features and information that needs to be present in the Admin panel. The following are the list of features that the client wanted:

1. Dashboard which gives the overview of the organization structure
2. Each of the subentities should contain the list of their staff which could be editable
3. The online services of these sub entities could be made inactive in case if the management wants to
4. Have the ability to manage other admins
5. Users are initially in standard plan, they could upgrade to get better video quality and other privileges
6. Admins can manage the payment modes, currency, language and diagnostic codes
7. Since a hospital has various departments, they should be able to manage the shared rooms
8. Schedule appointment for a patient
9. Analytics of the diseases, age, sms and duration of patients
10.Provide training videos to the people who are new to the product. Also should have analytics of how many viewed it


Once all the requirements are gathered, I started to draw quick sketches to create a structure to the requirements. At this stage I was able to figure out which kind of layouts works and which don’t work. Since the timeline was very short to cover web, mobile and tablet I started to convert these sketches into UI screens. With multiple reviews and feedbacks, I arrived at final web designs stage. Once all these web designs are finalized from the client, I quickly started to convert them into tablet and mobile versions.

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